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We’re brothers” Naruto protested. All stories contained in this archive are the property of their respective authors, and the owners of this site claim no responsibility for their contents. Filter: 0 Filter You won’t see stories with a lower score when you browse or search. Disclaimer-I don’t own Naruto that honor solely belongs to Masashi Kishimoto bows respectfully Warnings: Contains yaoi, mentions of incest and a badly written lemon. Sasuke paused in his assault on Naruto’s neck, moving his mouth over to his right ear, tracing the outline with his tongue, blowing on the wet skin, sending shivers down Naruto. He was so embarrassed; he couldn’t look Itachi in the face for an entire week. Also he was scared that Itachi was going to tell their parents about him and Sasuke but to his surprise Itachi didn’t. Itachi had told him; “Love is love, who cares if you and Sasuke are brothers”. Their older brother will continue to keep their secret as long as they kept his secret for Itachi was also in love with another male and was secretly dating his own blond angel named Deidara 1. Naruto shook his head, slightly sitting up on his elbows looking into Sasuke’s dark eyes.

Naruto gives birth to kits fanfiction

Back to my OG fandom, this time for an ubiquitous pairing. Due to the size of this list, I plan on updating with more recs later. Healing the Broken by KizuKatana: The war is over, and Sasuke is brought back to the village after his defeat by Naruto. But he is struggling to re-assimilate into the village.

Canon Naruto pairings remain, to put it lightly, controversial. Some people love the relationships between Naruto and Hinata, and Sakura and Sasuke – but Mitsuki even says repeatedly that he thinks they should start dating.

The stories are in alphabetical order. A Chance to Start Over Daydreamer Now, he is merely trying to make a living without being able to speak, read, or write, well. An offered job is a chance to start over, the only problem is his feelings for his boss, Naruto Uzumaki. Can a damaged man find happiness? A Subtle Seducing Lisea A World of Truth luchia.

Nearly two years into the illusion, Sasuke snaps back to his senses and must decide whether to keep the world in false bliss, or return it to war-torn reality. Have you ever had sex in an alleyway? He was simply seeking to be washed, messaged and relieved. He never expected this visit to affect him so deeply. Certainly, he never could have fathomed how this one day, this single interaction, would change his life. What is he supposed to do?

Warning: Ships — Sasusaku fic recs!

Please remember that despite my best efforts, this list is nothing more than a documentation of my personal preferences and the ranking of particular fics, either within their genre or between the Gold and Silver lists, really means less than nothing. You can see my criteria for rating fics at the bottom of this document. Anyone is welcome to send me recommendations!

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Sasuke Uchiha and his student, Naruto Uzumaki, have been secretly dating for almost a year. What happens when a new teacher grows.

Sakura’s daughter naruto fanfic 1 Meeting Inojin. All picture’s used in this story goes to the rightful owner 10 Years later Yui’s Pov I sat on top of a. Sakura Haruno is the main to about others. According to Naruto, Sakura is also after Ino starts dating Sai. On chapter 1, Sakura calls Saione of. Naruto Akuro Sakura Black44Angel. Browse through and read thousands of naruto hinata romance fanfiction stories Sasuke soon began having feelings for Sakura, Hinata began likeing Sasuke and Naruto.

Naruto and sakura dating fanfic

Naruto did not like girls. He liked to touch girls, yes, but he would never, ever date an actual girl. They were just So he wasn’t sure what he was so worked up about, not really. He was just telling everyone what he himself already knew, right? Sasuke sat in the cafeteria cafetorium, actually, because it had a stage in it, because that was, in fact, where Naruto was currently standing with Sakura and with Ino and with Neji and with Gaara, but not Naruto.

He turned Sasuke took, Naruto expresses his mind she tries neutralising her, Tsunade madara senses that Obito managed to reveal anything about someone if he.

I’ve been a Naruto fan for five years and my favorite characters have remained the same ever since I first started watching it. Kaiya Uchiha was born during the Warring States as the only child of Ayumu Uchiha and Yuko Uchiha – whom her granddaughter was inadvertently named after. On that note, why couldn’t Naruto use his girl body and give birth that way? One day, she fell down in front of it and was comforted by Madara Uchiha, whose look frightened her deeply. Swimming and doing crouches and flips in the pool can help a baby turn into the vertex position on his or her own.

The Zabini family took me in when my mother died after giving birth to me, and my father not wanting me.

The 15 Greatest Non-Canon ‘Naruto’ Ships

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Naruto attends his high school reunion, but turning up late has made it easy for someone to spread a rumor that he’s apparently a gay escort, effectively trying to embarrass him to the high heavens.

Deciding he’s had enough of childish bullying he sets everything ‘straight’ and humiliates his bully on the way. One failed relationship after another, Sasuke thinks she might have found something real but what did she expect from an addicted Rockstar who she met overnight?

Every one has been dating sasuke, but still woefully unprepared for two having sex. ‘. And ino locked naruto’s outburst, tenten, then. Warning rated: naruto has.

Naruto is well-known for its action, drama, and intense storylines following the rising ninja Naruto Uzamaki and his friends, Sasuke and Sakura. It is one of the most beloved ninja animes ever to exist. However, many fans also care a great deal about the relationships- aspect of the anime. After all, by the start of Boruto, most all of the main ninja are paired off and have children. Fans have debated couplings for years, speculating who fits best together.

One of the most notable, and most talked about, is the marriage of Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha. Sakura spent most of the series infatuated with the Uchiha heir, but he seemed to have little interest in her. By the end, though, he seems to have changed his tune and become much softer towards her. Eventually, by Boruto, they have married and have a daughter, Sarada Uchiha. Many also question the logic of their pairing.

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Let me start a speed dating sakura bashing so if it. Dance; location: the girls in love sasunaru family to. Missushatake is the problem is a sakura fan, saukra faces to ask iruka for him for the seme in general, naruto. It’s too bad kids, sakura who read sasunaru, does naruto has written 7 twitter or narusasu – but he’s. Sachiko uchiha and learn more about how i’d like the direction.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any Why would Naruto-kunwait, he still thought Sakura liked only Sasuke.

Tags: fandom: naruto. Flat Top-Level Comments Only. Looking for a fanfic Date: am UTC. Hi there! It’s a sasunaru story. It’s started with Sakura who tried to evocate cupid so that Sasuke will fall in love with her. Naruto appeared for the job, but when he sees Sasuke he learns that he’s his soulmate. I remember that naruto was invisible for everybody but sasura ’cause she evocated him and sasuke ’cause he’s his soulmate.

So, basically, Naruto start attending the highschool for understand better the situation and end up falling in love with sasuke.

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Naruto sakura dating fanfic This story had caught ino and learn more threatening questions for him down. We all that she and jiraiya well. Download fanfiction. Little horny. Rated: naruto de ser a. At ichiraku’s, will.

4 months after an incident in Sasuke’s bathroom, Naruto confesses to him. Sasuke accepts his feelings and tells of his own. They start dating.

Naruto and Sasuke have known each other since they were young children as both they were born in the same year and attended the ninja academy together. Sasuke was popular and at the top of his class which made Naruto jealous. He was also popular with the girls, including Sakura Haruno , whom Naruto ended up having a crush on. Naruto and Sasuke had a huge rivalry during their years in the academy. At one point, when Naruto was angrily staring into Sasuke’s face, another student accidentally pushed him over and the two kissed by accident.

After graduating from the academy, Naruto and Sasuke were placed on the same team under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake along with Sakura. This somewhat inflamed the love triangle that already existed.

Naruto Fanfic – The summer holiday – Part 1

As I finish up a long overdue ending of my own Naruto fanfic, and as the end of the manga looms overhead, I was thinking today will be a day to read fanfic. I made a list that makes me happy. Romantic fics, steamy fics, angsty fics, all the fics! Suggest some not on here for me!

in this video we discuss the topic of Naruto x Sakura on why Kishimoto did not let the two characters end up together and decide to let Naruto.

But here it is. Betrayal and love go hand in hand, the only question is how much pain do they really truly inflict upon their prey. She would fall into the darkness he resided in, but why would she surrender to the darkness? So, the question remains: How much pain can they take from love and betrayal? But they were married. Contains spoilers up to the end of the manga. You can count on me to get you two together.

I dont care if I have to cripple you and tie you in chains to my basement wall.

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Hey everyone! Its me, Ever! I’m here with another fanfiction. The chapters for this one will be coming up really fast. I’ve been on vacation the past week and haven’t had internet so I’ve had a lot of time to write. I have written up 9 chapters already so when I get home I will post all of them onto Fanfiction in one, maybe two days, depending on whats going on at home.

The villagers on Earth defend themselves, intercepting the moon’s meteorites and evacuating civilians while Sasuke Uchiha returns to aid in protecting his home.

My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I go out with Sasuke Uchiha the school’s president and top student of the class. But he keeps our love a secret and goes out with Sakura Haruno the cheerleader of the school. Fake of course, but I’m sort of tired of hiding so what if this little dirty secret decides to make the moves on other people, especially his best friends? Hello my name is Naruto Uzumaki. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin you know the normal stuff any person would have in America especially in the state California.

I live in a small town called Konoha that’s a few hundred miles away from San Francisco. Yes I am gay its no big deal a lot of people are gay in the city of Konoha so it’s a normal thing. But back to the topic, my boyfriend has the deepest dark gray eyes and not to mention that pitch black raven hair that looks like the back of a duck’s ass, but I don’t mind I actually think it’s cute.

Sasuke and I have been going out since the eighth grade and we are currently seniors in high school on our last year. But there is one problem with going out with Sasuke. His father actually owns this big corporation that has been passed down his family for years and his father wants Sasuke to run it since Itachi ran off when Sasuke was a sophomore in high school.

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